Product development


Our team of engineers and researchers can help you speed up the development of your product, by specifying the product requirements with our research activities, testing, or with our expertise in software  development. 

We are a group of wireless experts with experience in research & development projects for local companies and large global players (Nokia, Microsoft, Ericsson, Vale, among others). We can help you with demanding and complex activities in the newest wireless technologies, thus speeding up your research, quickly and cost-efficiently. 



Wireless TEchnology Experts

Developing and delivering high-quality solutions

TEchnical consulting and services 

We have strong knowledge in several wireless and cellular technologies, including IoT, WiFi, LTE and 5G, as well as in general aspects of digital and wireless technologies. We can help you plan and optimize your network, from large-scale cellular networks to niche applications, with knowledge gained working with major vendors and network operators. We can also provide expert training, with courses tailored to your particular needs. 

international Experience in Wireless R&D